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Statement on the death of Fidel Castro Ruz

“Fidel Castro will be remembered as a giant among global leaders whose view was not only one of freedom for his people but for all of the oppressed and excluded peoples on the planet”, so said the President of Ireland, … Continue reading

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Obama has fined 49 companies for violating the Embargo against Cuba                       On Barack Obama’s watch, a total of 49 fines have been imposed on US and foreign entities for violating the US Embargo against Cuba, based on a recent … Continue reading

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Irish co-production “Viva” premiers in Havana’s Latinamerican Film Festival

  According to a 1959 law, cinema is ”the most powerful and provocative form of artistic expression, and the most direct and widespread vehicle for education and bringing ideas to the public.”   The International Festival of New Latin American Cinema … Continue reading

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Cuba/US Normalisation – What’s Really Going On?

Join Cuba Support Group Ireland in welcoming Keith to Connolly Books on Monday next, 21 September 2015, where he will give a public talk on the diplomatic normalisation process currently in train and its chances of success. Continue reading

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Protest Against The Continuing US Blockade of Cuba

Join us on the Rosie Hackett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland at 5pm on Friday 18th September 2015 to protest against the continuing blockade of Cuba. Continue reading

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Spectacular Evidence of Anti-Cuban Bias in Irish Times Editorial

So here we have proof of Irish Times bias. What even the US President can call “a failed policy” the Irish Times characterises as “mutual”. What is mutual about history’s longest and most intensive military siege? What is mutual about … Continue reading

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Justice for the Cuban 50

US Ambassadors Residence protest Cuba Support Group Ireland will demonstrate outside the US Ambassadors Residence in Phoenix Park, Dublin today, 3 July 2015, to draw attention to the ongoing failure of the US authorities to bring to justice the terrorists … Continue reading

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Bernie Dwyer’s Ashes Laid to Rest in Cuba

Bernie will be with the Cuban 5 and Cuba forever By: Iliana García Giraldino photos: Karoly Emerson The rhythmic sound of the waves and the warm sea breeze enveloped the ashes of a dear friend of Cuba- Bernie Dwyer of … Continue reading

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Raul Castro’s speech to the National Assembly following the release of the Miami Five

No one should expect Cuba to renounce the ideas for which it has struggled for more than a century, and for which its people have shed lots of blood and run the biggest risks in order to improve its relations with the United States. Continue reading

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International Tribunal of Enquiry into the case of the Miami Five

  Cuba Support Group Ireland is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor of the International Commission of Enquiry into the case of the Miami Five, to be held in London next month. Proceedings will get under way on … Continue reading

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